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Information on the Kirby Salesman: August 16th 2013
The Wetzel County Sheriff's Office has received several calls about someone trying to sell cleaner and or Kirby Sweepers. These young men are employed by a company called VPP Inc. The company is located at 4610 Big Run Road, Alma WV. The owner is Dave Metzger. His phone number is 304-386-4900. Chief Deputy Mike Koontz spoke with Mr. Metzger about some of the complaints received. Mr. Metzger stated ...he has signs ordered for his vehicles to identify them as Kirby Representatives and he will speak to his sales reps about tactics used and to take no for an answer. He also stated that he does do background checks and drug testing on his employees. He welcomes people to stop by his business in Alma or call with questions, comments or complaints. Please feel free to contact The Wetzel County Sheriff's Office with any problems or complaints.
Wetzel County Residents are receiving calls from someone offering a new Medicare Card. The caller will try to get your account information by offering this card. Please be Aware.
Another Scam in our area. This one is a Grandparent Scam and is targeting the elderly. Someone will call and say they are in jail or have been in a car wreck and need someone to send them money. The caller will pose as grandchildren or other family members.
Someone will call your house and claim to be computer tech support. Do not give out any personal information or give them access to your computer. If you receive a phone call claiming to be from ‘Microsoft’ or someone claiming to work on their behalf, telling you that you have a virus on your computer or computer sending out emails and which they will help you fix over the phone or they need to access your PC remotely to remove illegal software. It Is A Scam. Hang up the phone, do not let them have remote control access to your computer and do not give them any money.
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